Stacie and Her Husband

Last Staff Shout Outs of the year

Shout out to Stacie Hootman!

We moved to Florida in 2001.  I worked for OCPS as the head attendance clerk at two different High Schools and a Front Desk Clerk at an elementary school during our time in Florida.  I also worked at Disney World on my time off from school. I truly enjoyed making magic!

We moved back from Florida in 2014 after our oldest daughter Alicia graduated. That is when I started my associate career. I worked one year at Pence then transferred to the High School. My motto is to give the students a fresh start everyday, clean slate. I love being here for the High School kids during their transformative years into adulthood. Getting to watch them grow from year to year and then seeing them after they graduate is truly an amazing experience.


When I am not working at the school, I enjoy crafting and spending time with my family.  I love to travel and explore new places. In 2018, my mother, daughter Elizabeth and I took a two week vacation traveling out west and into Canada. That was a great experience to have with them. Then that September I fell and broke my ankle and foot.  We already had our 25th wedding anniversary cruise planned and the doctor approved it. It was definitely a crazy trip, but fun as well. My fall has put a big damper on my traveling, but I am still going to try!”