Campus Portal

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What is Campus Parent Portal?

As parents or guardians, you will have online access to the following information about your child:

  • Student Census and Household Information - Address, Phone Numbers, Contacts

  • Class Schedules, Attendance, Assignments, Grades, Unofficial Report Card, & Unofficial Transcript

  • Food Service & Registration Fees with the ability to Pay Online

  • Messages/Notifications & Behavior/Discipline Records 

Students are given Portal accounts so they can monitor their own assignments, grades, attendance, and other information. Infinite Campus incorporates the highest level of security. Parents and guardians can only see information they are authorized to see. The system will automatically end any user session that has been dormant for 60 minutes. Five unsuccessful login attempts will disable the portal account. In order to use the portal again, parents will need to contact the FCSD Data Specialist at (641) 472-6836, ext 4, or e-mail

How to get your Campus Portal Account

To obtain a Campus Portal account you must be the legal parent/guardian of a student actively enrolled in the Fairfield Community School District.

Please read the Parent Portal User Agreement and Parent Portal User Information form. Return the completed form to the ACT Office, 403 S. 20th Street, or the student's school.