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  • 2021 Stage Rigging RFP

    • Stage RFP Questions and Answers

      • What is the intended date of award?  - We hope to have the review of the bids on the 22nd and hope take a proposal to the board for approval and official award on the 29th.

      • Will you require submittal drawings (i.e. plans & elevations)? - Drawings are not required, but they would help with clarification. 

      • Since the stage floor MAY BE done during demo and install, would it be best if we figure on 2 separate mobilizations? - At this time, we are leaning toward one mobilization.  If there are a change in plans, we know there will be extra cost and we may have additional conversations with the bidders/winning bid if that changes.

      • Is there going to be a ‘bid form’ or is our form of quotation sufficient?  - There is not a required bid form from the district.  Your local form would be sufficient.

    • Questions Updated 3/12/21

      • **front end conflicts: is this a sealed bid, or is it an email bid -The district is offering the email submission as an option for those that wish to use it.  The email address is a specific address set up and will not be accessed until the date and time that bids will be opened.  After seeking legal counsel, the district was informed that this is permissible since it is just an option.  If a bidding company is not comfortable with this method, they can still hand deliver or mail to the physical address in a sealed envelope.  No bid will be opened or accessed until the date and time specified in the district RFP

      • **For the “remove and new” bid – replace like for like, no changes to the rigging or drapes? Yes, this project would be to replace with “like for like”.  The district wishes to use the same configuration that is in place.  The district does not wish to have curtains or batons dead hung and the manual, rope system for the purpose of flying is fine.  If a bidding company wants to suggest an upgraded solution, they may do that and it could be considered, however the district, for the purpose of comparison is requesting “like for like” submissions.

      • **For the “renovate” bid - would you please clarify item 3.1.2? What items should the bidder include in their bid for “Start-long term plan” (3.1.2)? This does not seem an actionable item. - The district agrees that item 3.1.2 is not an actionable item and may be struck from the scope of work.  The bidding process is to seek bids for solutions that will be the long-term plan and thus 3.1.2 could be considered null and void.

      • **For the “renovate” bid – would you please clarify item 3.1.11? No theatre contractor is a fall arrest specialist. We will need an item list (and/or a sketch) of what is desired by the district, as designed by an outside party, to be able to provide any fall arrest, whether at gallery level for loading/unloading counterweight, or for climbing/descending a ladder. For some clarification, the inspection document states on page 3, listed as #14 under “Recommendations & Who”, that “Fall arrests should be added to the ladders.  The SR ladder to the gallery should have a railing added or the trip hazard removed.  By end user.”  After further discussion at the district, if the bidding company does not feel they have a solution for this item, it is understood.  The district asks that the bidding entity just make a note in their submission that they will not have a solution for this.  If the bid submission is selected as the winning bid, the district recognizes that it will have to find a different solution on their own.

    • Questions updated 3/16/21

      • Will a digital signature be permitted for the sealed bid? - Yes, a digital signature is approved.

      • Will the district provide a dumpster for demo?  - Yes, the district will provide a dumpster for demo.

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