Archive Google for Seniors

Congratulations to all Seniors,

It has been a long road but the end is near. You are about to graduate from High School and a whole new chapter of your life is about to begin. While you are getting ready to head out into the world, we would like to inform/remind you that your files and emails will be removed from our systems ( by late August and your School-issued email address will cease to exist.

If you have any files that you would like to keep after graduation, please refer to the following link and make use of Google's own "Google Takeout". With this tool, you can create yourself a .zip file, containing all of your Google Drive and App data, that you can then download onto your home computer. Once you have yourself a .zip file of your Google files, you can then upload your documents to your own personal cloud storage account ( e.g. ) or similar e.g. dropbox.

Once again, Congratulations Class of 2019!