Rose Pugh

Meet Rose Pugh!

Rose Pugh

Rose started teaching in the fall of 2000 under a provisional license as a pre-k through 12th-grade art teacher in Mercer, Missouri.  A year later, she moved back to Iowa and began teaching 7th & 8th-grade English as well as 7th-grade speech & plays.  Rose was living in Fairfield at the time.  After six years, she started teaching at Fairfield High School as a special education teacher and has been at FHS for 15 years so far.

Rose loves young people and remembers very well the challenges she faced as a young person herself.  When Rose came to her niece's second grade Christmas concert in Fairfield, and she wanted to show Rose her classroom and meet her teacher.  It was then that Rose realized that she could have all the children she ever wanted and a new batch every year.  Teaching has been one of the most soul-satisfying jobs Rose has ever had, and she loves it!  Rose loves learning and laughing and is a firm believer that we need to learn to laugh at ourselves.  Rose said, “We can all be pretty funny even when we didn't mean to be”.

Rose has one son whose name is Randy.  She really loves spending time with Randy, his fiance Anna, his dog Aurora, Pam, and our three dogs, Bella, Button, and Rembrandt. Rose also enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, lying in the sun, traveling the United States, and reading.

A student said the following about her teacher, Miss Pugh. “Miss. Pugh has always been there for me and various other students. She's always been the teacher I go to whether I'm stressed, upset, or just need someone to talk to. Her laugh is super contagious, and I love to scream back and forth at her in the halls. I've never had so much fun in a classroom before. Thank you, Miss. Pugh!!!!”


Rose, thank you for making a difference for your students. Thank you for being a part of our Fairfield team!

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