Kylee Family

Meet Kylee Marlay! 

Kylee works at Washington as a Title 1 Reading/Math teacher and is now filling in for Kindergarten for the remainder of the school year.

Kylee graduated last May from the University of Northern Iowa and this is her first year of teaching. Kylee is currently teaching Kindergarten at Washington Elementary. Before she took over in February for Mrs. Rosario, Kylee taught Title Reading and Math Intervention.  She grew up in Fairfield and graduated from FHS in 2017. One of her favorite things that FHS offers is the school-to-work program. When Kylee was a senior in high school she had the opportunity to participate in ‘the school to work program’ at Washington Elementary. From then on Kylee knew teaching was what she wanted to do and it became her passion. Kylee is grateful that she gets to have a full-circle moment with teaching in the same school where she first discovered she wanted to be a teacher.  Spending time with her family and her dog is one of Kylee’s greatest joys in life. Kylee and her boyfriend, Dalton adopted their first dog last July and his name is Vinny. They enjoy taking him on long walks and car rides. Kylee’s favorite thing to do each day is greeting the students. Her goal every day is to say hello or good morning to as many students in the building as possible. 


 Kylee’s name came up as she stepped up to help her colleagues. Here is what was said, “I would like to recognize Kylee Marlay with a staff shout-out.  Kylee offered to cover for Mrs. Rosario's maternity leave and still prepare the lesson plans for the substitute who would have to cover for her groups.  Kylee is very warm and caring and simply wanted to put students first with her offer”.   Way to go Kylee for stepping up and helping out! It takes a village to help our students and colleagues. Thank you for being a part of our team.

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