Alexys Forman

Meet Alexys Forman!

Alexys is a first-year third-grade teacher at Pence, who graduated from Coe College in May of 2021! She moved to Fairfield in July from Northern Illinois and has slowly been learning the ins and outs of the town. In her free time, Alexys enjoys taking care of her plants, painting, exploring her new home, and spending time with friends in Fairfield and Cedar Rapids. Alexys also finds joy in looking at rescue pages for dogs and would like to adopt someday in the future! She has enjoyed her time in Fairfield so far and is incredibly appreciative of the support systems she has found within the district. The people Alexys has met in the short time have been kind, caring, and encouraging; She has been able to grow so much thanks to them!

A parent  submitted Alexys’ name, here were the comments, “Alexys is always positive! I love how she always finds the good in my son and continually finds 10 positives to one negative. She works with you to find the best way(s) to support your child. She is consistent with weekly classroom communication home and goes out of her way to tell you multiple ways your child is special and an asset to the class. She's taken the time to eat lunch with my son and he enjoys having her for a teacher. I'm thankful and feel very blessed that my child has such a kind, patient, and compassionate teacher”.

Alexys, thank you for choosing Fairfield to make a difference for our students and families. We are so happy that you are a part of our team!