Kristen Jumping

Meet Kristen McCready, one of our 5th grade Middle School teachers.

Kristen has been teaching 5th grade at Fairfield Middle School for five years. This is her 10th year of total teaching. Kristen finds joy in many things,  but relationships bring her the most joy. Kristen’s relationship with Jesus, her relationship with her husband, her kids, family, and students. Kristen stated that drinking coffee while watching the sunrise, playing her ukulele, and spending time with friends is right up there in bringing her joy.

A parent stated, “Kristen is amazing. My son had her when he was in 5th grade and thought she was wonderful. To this day, she is his favorite teacher. She is innovative, fair, kind, genuine; the list goes on. Her lessons are great. She makes all of her students feel welcome and always has a smile on her face”.

Kristen, Thank you for being a part of our team and bringing joy to your students! We are so glad you are here.

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