Courtney with flowers.

Staff Shout Out!

Courtney Burkhalter

Meet Courtney Burkhalter. She is in her 8th year teaching at Fairfield HIgh School and 12th year teaching. Courtney serves as the Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor for Fairfield.  She appreciates the opportunity to teach in her hometown.  Mrs. Burkhalter lives on a farm with her husband, where they raise chickens and her family has cattle.  She enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors.  Courtney finds joy in walking, sewing, and growing flowers, orchids, and succulents.


A parent sent a note saying,

“Courtney is my son's favorite teacher and also mine as a parent! Our son has a 504 plan and I spend a lot of time connecting with teachers so I know how I can assist him at home. Courtney is the only teacher that emails me first. She is cognizant of the different learning styles and educational needs of the kids she teaches and is always ready to offer extra support to make sure they have a firm grasp on the concepts they are covering in class. As a parent, I don't worry that his accommodations aren't being provided in Courtney's class and that deserves a shout-out”. 

Congratulations on making a difference for your students and their family! We so appreciate you in the district. Thank you for all you are doing.