Addison Unkrich and her spouse and dog

Addison is in her second year as a Kindergarten teacher at Washington Elementary. She grew up in Manchester, Iowa, and decided to make the move to Fairfield 3 years ago. She enjoys spending time with her family and most importantly her husband, Jake, her 6-month-old son, Beau, and her dog, Finn. Addison spends her nights/weekends binge-watching The Office and eating at new restaurants.

Addison thoroughly enjoys working with her Kindergarten teammates, but most importantly she is passionate about her students that walk into the classroom every day shouting “good morning” with their big smiling faces.

Addison’s care for students helped a student out and helped to avoid a potential crisis. A student sent an email to Addison mistakenly thinking she was one of the teachers at the school. Addison responded with care and compassion to the student she did not know. This lead the student to reach out again with enough warning signs that Addison knew she had to get a familiar connection with this student. Addison’s quick response in sending the emails to the administration allowed others to seek the help needed for this student.  Thank you, Addison, for your compassion and quick responses that helped a child in need. We are grateful you are a part of our team! It goes to show that if you see something, say something. It works!