Tech Team

This week’s staff shout out goes to……..BAZINGA….. The core crew of the Technology Department.

Rhuie Ryan, Dawna Parcell and Jason Roberts make up the year-round core of the technology

department in charge of the devices in the district. In the spring, when the staff and students

leave for the summer, this team kicks it into high gear with the help of Nathon Watson.

Summer is the busiest time of the year for the department. This last spring and summer bright

in an additional 500+ computers for the middle school students. Coupled with the exsisting

computers, high school computers staff devices, administrative computers in the offices,

printers, copiers, access points, servers, TV’s and projectors……whew, that was a mouthful, this

team updates, troubleshoots, cleans and maintains over 3000 individual devices yearly. All of

these devices need to be ready for staff and student use by day one of the school year. Once

school starts, it takes a little time to settle. There are still software updates and bugs as well as

new problems that show up, even in the most prepared situations with the hardware. Then

they try to fix it fast for a quick turn around so work time is not negatively impacted by the staff

and students.

Besides the hardware, there is software also. Judy Jones and Tina Breen help to organize and

implement software around the district. It is the core team in the basement of the ACT that

makes sure it runs well on the network and our devices. From Infinite Campus and Canvas,

from Clever to Google Drive, they support the district software initiatives that allows everyone

to be able to accomplish their goals on a daily basis. In a job where you really only have

interactions with people who are experiencing issues, it is hard sometimes. Shout outs like this

are deeply appreciated for the work they do everyday.

Now, let’s meet this core group:

Rhuie Watson-Ryan

I am a graduate of FCSD and have worked for the district for about 19 years. I moved to

California in 1985 for 7 years and worked as a pharmacy technician. Upon moving back, I was a

stay at home mom until my children reached school age and then I was hired to work at the

Middle School as a para educator. I joined the Tech Department in the fall of 2020. My husband

Craig and I have 4 grown children, Devon, Emma, Molly and Connor. I also have a 3 year old

granddaughter, Caroline, who is the light of my life! I have two pets, a black lab named Maggie

and a white cat named Romeo. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family,

photography, music, reading, cooking, plants, and collecting crystals. I enjoy the variety and

new learning opportunities that my position on the Tech Team gives me and the fact that I am

able to still work district-wide with our staff to help facilitate learning for our students.

Dawna Parcell

I joined the Fairfield Community School District in August of 2017 as Technical Support

Specialist with some networking, server support, and web page creation experience.  My

experience with tech started in 1996 when I worked at a company as a customer service rep.  I

would help everyone with their computer or phone problems leading to being asked to work at

the help desk.   From there, I moved to desktop support and finally moved up to the desktop

support team manager.  I learned on the job with great mentors at this company.  I have

worked at various companies in Fairfield since then as well as contracting with people and

businesses such as the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center as well as the Fairfield Public Library. I went to college in late 2010, graduating in 2013 from the Computer Networks and Security program with my AAS degree. 

Outside of work, I love to travel, ride motorcycles, photography, camping with my family,

spending time with my grandchildren and children, husband Phil, and dog Hank.  I do craft

shows and handstamp rings.  I like to sing, but nobody else likes me to sing lol.

I enjoy people and helping them learn how to use devices more efficiently.  I like the tech field

because I’m always learning as it is always changing.  There is never a dull moment.

My favorite thing to do is troubleshoot a mystery why something is not working – that’s what

makes me tick. 

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts graduated from Fairfield High School in 1999, as a member of a student

technology team under the direction of then librarian Susan Kientz. Jason went on to study at

IHCC with a major in Computer System Management which included support ranging from the

personal computer to programming the VAX Mainframe. In 2001, Jason joined FCSD part-time,

while he finished his studies, by working nights to support the day staff, by doing upgrades that

could only be performed at night. Jason went on to continue his education at Buena Vista

University with a major in Technology Management and was offered the full-time position later

in 2003.

Jason and his girlfriend Kristin welcomed their first baby boy into the world just last October

and are now getting ready to celebrate Declan’s 1 year birthday.

Jason enjoys home improvement projects and traveling to places of historical interest.

Additionally, Jason enjoys the challenges of tinkering with things, to see if he can improve their

performance or to simply better understand the engineering behind them.