PTO November Minutes

By Stacy Jeffrey

Family Movie Night:

Treasury Report:

Fundraising Opportunities

  1. Great Lakes Script Fundraising - Gift Card Fundraiser

    1. Different gift cards can be used for different merchants. 

      1. May need to print a flyer, set up a website with the company. 

      2. Group will contact Mandy and see if she can help with this project.

  2. Bowl a Thon:  Review in December

  3. Popcorn Sales After School:  prizes tucked in the bags and will look at this for spring possibly.

  4. Possible casserole/cookie dough fundraiser:  Review this again for spring conferences

  5. Personalized hot/cold tumblers:  Review this again in December

  6. Headbands on website with Spirit Wear


  1. Basketball games

    1. Google doc includes all home games at FMS.  Need to get others to volunteer!

Grant Committee

  1. Need volunteers to review the requests and approve purchases. 

  2. The group agreed to a cap of $2500 for the grants.

Purchase of Mimeo

  1. The group agreed to donate the profit from the Trojan Head Painting project for Mimeo boards

  2. Laura will let Janan know how much they are a piece and the order will be placed then. 

Next meeting on December 11th @ 5:15