Bus Driver Appreciation Sign

Fairfield CSD Bus Drivers Are the Best!

Joe Fritz, Tony Fritz, Tina Trump, Marvin Fitzsimmons, Warren Pearson, Joe McLarney, Brian Baldosier, Charles Pearson, Terry Hanshaw, Don Zillman, Flo Clark, Jim Clark,  Greg Roberts, Lisa Demitchell, Merle Ferrel, Nancy Asby, DOSE, Cindy Veldhuizen, Troy Kreiss, Aaron Sheetz, Chris Buch,  James Phillips, Jonathan Phillips, Beth Clubb, Karen Helmick and Larry Chmelar ………………



   Our drivers are awesome!  They are honest, dependable, hardworking individuals who care about our kids and make student safety their #1 priority

They all pushed through the worst of times (COVID) and are still here for our students.

We have several long term route bus drivers and subs.  I would say they have a love for our students and driving a bus!

During fee day and open house we had the opportunity to speak with many students and parents. It was mentioned multiple times how great our bus drivers are.


Parents are so thankful to see that our drivers are so caring and compassionate. They also mentioned the communication between students, parents and the driver is excellent!

This makes us proud at Fairfield CSD Transportation!

Thank you drivers for being here for our students each and every day!