Meet Natalie Jones, our Middle School Title 1 teacher!

Natalie grew up outside of Fairfield on her family's farm. She now lives on the farm with her younger sister and their two dogs. Natalie graduated from FHS in 2016 and from Central College in 2020. 

She really enjoys teaching title reading because it gives her a chance to show kids the joys of reading. Natalie stated, “Most students show immense growth over the course of the year, and it is exciting to see their progression throughout their middle school career. The smaller class sizes also help me to build relationships with each student which helps me to make learning fun even though the subject is difficult for them. Seeing students test out of reading support is bittersweet because it means students are succeeding, but they will no longer be in my class”. 

One of Natalie’s favorite things about the Middle School is my coworkers and admin because she knows they are always there to help and support her. 

Natalie likes to spend time with her family, read, bake, golf, watch movies, and help out on the farm.


Because she helps us when we need it and she tell us what to do and she teaches us Reading stuff to help us, and she is very nice to her students, so that is why I want to give a shout out to her.  Natalie, thanks you for all you do for our students!

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