May 25, 2023

Fairfield Community School District Ratifies Contract with Union

The Fairfield Community School District is pleased to announce the successful ratification of a new contract with the Fairfield Community Education Association. The 4.01 percent total package agreement, reached after collaborative negotiations despite tight budget constraints, includes significant improvements in compensation and benefits to support our exceptional educators and staff.

Under the newly ratified contract, the base salary for all Fairfield Community School District educators will be increased by $1300, reflecting the district's commitment to attracting and retaining top-tier talent. This increase in base salary has been achieved through careful budgetary considerations and demonstrates the district's dedication to providing fair and competitive compensation. 

In addition to the base salary adjustment, the contract includes provisions for increased compensation ranging from $1600-$1850 for veteran educators. Recognizing the experience and expertise these educators bring to the classroom, the Fairfield Community School District is committed to rewarding their dedication. The negotiated increase ensures that their years of service are acknowledged and appropriately rewarded, fostering a culture of professional growth and stability within our educational community.

Furthermore, the district is pleased to introduce a $1200 retention bonus as part of the contract. This bonus program expresses gratitude and acknowledges the importance of retaining highly qualified and committed educators within our district. By providing this incentive, the Fairfield Community School District aims to enhance job satisfaction further and promote long-term tenure, ultimately benefiting the entire educational community.

Interim Superintendent Rubel expressed satisfaction with the collaborative spirit demonstrated during the negotiation process and emphasized the importance of investing in the district's educators. "We greatly value the hard work and dedication of our teachers and staff, and we recognize the financial constraints we face. This contract agreement is a testament to our commitment to providing fair compensation within the limitations of our budget. We believe these provisions will strengthen our district and support a positive learning environment for all.”

The ratified contract will go into effect on July 1, 2023. The Fairfield Community School District is proud to stand by its commitment to its educators and remains dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students.

For more information, please contact Tracy Vance at 641-472-2655 Ext 6717. ###