Scott Buxton

Meet Scott Buxton, FHS Day Custodian

 Scott was nominated for a shout-out. “Scott is amazing! Scott is meticulous in his work, a great communicator, always calm and patient, and great with our students. Scott is very caring. I recently had a student tell me that Scott should be president, and I agree!” Others have stated that Scott is an excellent addition to the high school as he moved to the day position. He is thoughtful and caring in all he does throughout the day.

Scott enjoys being outdoors and spending time fishing. He also enjoys riding dirt bikes and is preparing his Suzuki bike for the riding season. He enjoys riding in pastures and gravel areas with friends.

Scott used to live in the Des Moines area for 20 years but came back to Southeast Iowa to be closer to family, which is very important to him. Once Scott returned to the area, he realized how much he missed the country and nature. Scott does miss the convenience of a larger city, but nature outweighs that convenience.  

The people and the interaction with the people at the high school create a positive environment for work. Scott likes all the people he works with and the experience created through this position. He never thought he would return to school all these years later, but here he is at the high school.

Scott, we appreciate that you returned to school and are choosing to spend your time with us! Thank you for all you do to help our students and staff!