Teresa Kite

Shout Out - Teresa Kite- Transportation and Maintenance Secretary

One staff member shared, “Teresa is the best. She is always here, on time and late if needed. She does not hesitate to go that extra mile. She is always polite to all staff, students, and parents. LOL, she is nice to everyone, and the drivers love her. She is the backbone of this office for Josh, and I and we wouldn't know what to do without her. We look forward to working with her every day and for many years to come”.

Another staff member stated, “Teresa is Teresa! I absolutely love her. She is like a best friend, always smiling, always making a good day out of every day, and always keeping it interesting for sure. She is super sweet and always ensures that everyone coming into the bus barn is comfortable and set up just how they need to be. If she can't figure it out immediately, she will work on it until she does. Teresa is just a wonderful person to be around and to work with”. 

Family is very important to Teresa. She loves to spend time with her family and her immediate and extended family on both sides are all very close. Teddy, a big wolf-dog, is part of Teresa’s family and holds a special place. 

You can find Teresa sitting on her log swing, looking at the woods, or reading a book on many occasions. She enjoys low-key time and enjoys the peacefulness of this time. Teresa likes creating flower planters like in the picture. That is her stress relief in the spring! She also enjoys learning to cook with no salt and likes the challenge of finding recipes her family would like to try. Teresa is also asked to bring special foods for family gatherings. The bus barns always ask for her “cowboy beans” for their gatherings and celebrations. A driver told her they could make a meal from her cowboy beans and looked forward to the gatherings. 

Teresa has a blast with her eight grandkids, takes them shopping or spends special time, and loves spending time with them. She has three granddaughters and five grandsons ranging in age from 7-30. Teresa said, “I love them; they are my world; I am Grandma T.”

Teresa loves her job! She likes talking to parents when they call and enjoys the little kids. She has a blast during the fee payment days because she gets to see all the little kids. 

Thank you, Teresa, for all you do to make the Transportation and Maintenance Department run smoothly! We appreciate you and all you do.