Stoutner Family

Meet Nicole Stoutner - Washington Elementary First Grade Teacher

A student shared, “Mrs. Stoutner always teaches us. She is always nice. She always-always is kind. Mrs. Stoutner` is a little funny! She includes everyone and helps everyone”. Another student shared a drawing, “May there always be Mrs. Stoutner.” 

Before teaching first grade at Washington Elementary, Nicole taught for seven years at St. James in Washington, Iowa. She took ten years off from teaching to stay home with her children and ran an in-home childcare. Nicole went back into the school system at St. James and looped a four-year-old preschool into Kindergarten, followed by a year of preschool. Nicole and her husband, Pat, will celebrate 20 years of marriage this May. They have two children, Charley, a senior at Washington High School, and Nora, an 8th grader at Washington Middle School.


Nicole stated that several things bring her joy; the first is her family. She enjoys watching her two children find their passion and enjoys them doing what they love to do. It may be getting their goat or sheep to walk without a halter or their dog to win best in class at agility. Her children may spend time improving their archery score or spending time laughing and talking with their friends. Nicole stated that this time with family does good for her “Mama hear”! 

Nicole also finds joy in spending time with her parents. Her father fell nine years ago, which created a traumatic brain injury. She is blessed to be able to watch him grow from his injury, where he can walk, speak, write, read, and have the independence to be back at home and spend time outdoors with his sheep and dog. 


To see her parents still in love and living out their vows of in sickness and in health brings Nicole great joy. Working on their family farm with her husband brings Nicole so much joy! Nicole said that the animals are so much fun to watch as they grow and produce new lives. Nicole stated, “Being able to sit outside on the back porch in the morning with a cup of coffee or in the evenings with a glass of wine is just pure heaven!”

Lastly, Nicole’s students bring her joy.  “Watching them light up when they accomplish a new task or goal after watching them grow and learn and sometimes the struggle is amazing. To be there with them on that journey is just pure wonder!”

Nicole, thank you for bringing so much joy to our district. We appreciate you!