What is PBIS?


Cindi Burggraaf, Elementary Counselor

What is PBIS? PBIS or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a behavior support program that specifies, teaches, and recognizes the positive contributions of students. The goals are to help each child develop self-discipline and make good choices.


The PBIS process focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. Routines and common language with respect to appropriate school behaviors are consistent throughout our school.  As a result, instructional time is more effectively used to teach, and our overall school environment is calm, pleasant and conducive to learning.


In Fairfield, respect, responsibility, and safety lay the foundation for student expectations in all school settings. 

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One component of PBIS systems is having a clearly defined set of expectations for each setting at school. Here are the expectations we have for Fairfield Elementaries:  

Trojan Traits

Trojan Traits (Spanish)

The expectations are then taught to all students.  We refer to our expectations as Trojan Traits.  One way we teach our Trojan Traits expectations is through video modeling as shown in the video article. 

Trojan Traits Video

Another way we teach Trojan Traits is through social stories.   Here are a couple of social story examples we use.

Social Story - Hallway

Social Story - Bus

When students are observed using their Trojan Traits, a staff member may give them a Trojan Traits ticket. The tickets are collected and, once a week, we draw for prizes.  Tickets that are not drawn each week are collected and count toward a reward for the entire building.


Our mascot, Tommy Trojan is a visual reminder to be Responsible, Respectful and Safe learners.  Tommy's horse reminds us to take care of our responsibilities.  Tommy holding his helmet reminds us to be respectful.  Tommy's shield reminds us to be safe.  A former high school student, Natasha Chang designed our Tommy Trojan mascot for us.   


If you would like more information about our PBIS school wide behavior program feel free to contact us.