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Fairfield Community School District

Pence Elementary


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Character & Community Program Information

After School Program

All school days - 3:30-5:30  **if school is canceled or lets out early due to weather, after school program will be canceled.


Book Club

Tuesday & Thursday mornings 7:30-8:15  **students must arrive by 7:40 to participate.


Saturday Morning Programs

  • Sept. 28th 9-12
  • Oct. 12th 9-12
  • Nov. 9th 8:30-12:30 (lunch included)
  • Nov. 23rd 8:30-12:30 (lunch included)
  • Dec. 7th Pie Making 8:30-12:30 (lunch included)
  • Dec. 14th Park and Rec 8:30-12:30 (lunch included)
  • Jan. 11th Makerspace Cart 9-12 
  • March 7th 8:30-12:30 (lunch included)
  • March 14th 8:30-12:30 (lunch included)
  • April 11th 9-12


No School Day Field Trips

  • Sept. 23
  • Oct. 28
  • Jan. 14
  • Feb. 24
  • Apr. 13



Program Summary 2018 - 2019


Description of Program

The initial year of Character and Community programming, beginning in October, 2018 and continuing through April 2019, was successful in terms of attendance, activities, inclusion, accessibility, and community outreach.  A safe, fun and educational environment is a program priority.  It provides activities for any Pence student through a before-school program, 7:30 AM – 8:20 AM, M-F and an after-school program, 3:30PM – 5:30 PM, M-F during weeks (or days) when school is in session.  In addition, further enrichment/field-trip programming is offered from 9:00 AM – Noon, 10 Saturdays during the school year. Children may be added to the program at any point during the year.  Parents registered 101 children in Fall, 2018; 61 of those students attended 30 or more days. Fifteen students attended from 91 – 116 days!

Activities included partner reading, ST Math, McGraw-Hill Everyday Math games, Project Lead the Way Launch and additional STEM activities, silent reading practice, craft activities, Really Great Reading Activities, guest speakers (partners and/or district teachers), activities planned and staffed by middle school and high school teams and clubs. A nutritious snack is offered daily and 15 – 30 minutes of physical activity is planned for each day as well.

The Character & Community Program provided local field trips and service projects on Saturday mornings twice a month/10 times a year during the 2018-1019 school year.  The Program Director partnered with local business and community agencies to provide fun, educational opportunities for students.  Field trips included Jefferson County Park, Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, Fairfield Park and Recreation Center, Jefferson County Health Center, as well as a service project with First United Methodist Women to make and donate pies for the FHS music program’s fundraiser.


Impact of Program

The Program had a moderate impact on achievement in reading and math. Twenty regular CCP program students scored at the High-Risk level on the Formative Assessment System for Teachers and were categorized as not proficient in reading at their grade levels in fall, 2018.  In spring 2019 testing, 5 of these students improved the Some-Risk or Low-Risk levels and were categorized as proficient in reading at their grade levels.  Fifteen students remained at the High-Risk or not proficient level.

The program also had a moderate impact on achievement in math. The FCSD uses standards-based grading for elementary students.  If students are categorized as needing improvement in a subject area, they have not achieved 80% cumulative proficiency on the standards for their grade level.  This was the data collecting instrument for mathematics and English for the 2018-2019 school year for the purposes of this evaluation.

The number of all regular CCP attendees needing improvement in mathematics for the fall, 2018 grading period, was 12; the number who improved for the spring, 2019 grading period was 3, or 25%.  The number of all regular attendees needing improvement in fall in English fall, 2018, was 9; the number who improved was 3, or 33%.

The CCP program had a more significant impact on student behavior.  The number of regular attendees needing improvement in (1) classroom behavior and (2) homework completion and class participation was determined through a classroom teacher survey.  The number of students needing improvement in classroom behavior was 23; teachers reported that 17, or 74% improved from fall to spring. The number needing improvement in homework completion and class participation was also 20; teachers reported that 20, or 87% improved from fall to spring.


Changes to the Program

Changes planned for 2019-2020 include offering clubs for the student to attend during the before and after school program times.  They include Clubs for Reading, Baking, Science (NASA), Photography and more.  Saturday field trips are being planned.  The Program will also be open and offer enrichment programming on the 5 no-school or professional development days.

For information about the program, call Chuck Benge at the District Office (641-472-2655) or Angela Jones or Katie Boatright at Pence Elementary (641-472-2957).


Download our complete Local Evaluation 2018-2019:

Local Evaluation 2018-2019 - Word