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FMS Trojan Pride Winners Spring 2019

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FMS Trojan Pride Winners May 2019


Congratulations to our FMS Trojan PRIDE winners for the 2nd semester! Teachers were asked to nominate students who "demonstrate Trojan PRIDE consistently in and out of the classroom."  Trojan PRIDE is a part of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system at Fairfield Middle School. This system has helped improve behavior so more time can be spent teaching and learning, rather than correcting negative behavior.  PRIDE stands for:


Prepared to learn

Respectful to self and others

Integrity in our actions


Environmentally Aware and Safe


FMS Trojan PRIDE winners are:


5th Grade

Aja Dorothy was chosen to receive a Trojan PRIDE Award for 5th grade.  She exemplifies Trojan PRIDE traits daily by coming to school prepared each and every day.  She is very responsible with being on time with her work.  She seems to be the quiet, shy type of student in the classroom, but she can show leadership skills when needed to be a good role model to others.  She shares bright ideas with others and can always be depended on to help and do the right thing.  She will be missed in the classroom next year, but she will excel in 6th grade and do well continuing to grow and be a great model to others.  Congrats, Aja Dorothy!


Caroline Van Pelt has been chosen to receive the Trojan PRIDE award. Caroline's passion for school is evident in the dedication she puts into her work. She is brave enough to try things out of her comfort zone. She asks questions when she needs direction and then applies that direction to her work. She is a leader in the classroom and a model to her classmates by standing up for what she knows is right. Her positive attitude is infectious and always is a delight to have in the classroom. Congratulations, Caroline. Well deserved!  


Spencer McCready has been selected to receive the Trojan PRIDE Award!  Spencer is always trying to improve and learn new things.  He is focused during class and always participates.  He is a great example of leadership.  When working in a group, Spencer keeps his group on task so they can accomplish their goals.  Spencer also demonstrates integrity at all times.  He uses every spare minute of the day to finish work or read quietly while waiting for the next instruction.  He can be trusted to do what is right.   Congratulations, Spencer!  


Axl Starr has been selected to receive the Trojan PRIDE Award.  He has been a quiet leader in class all year and just recently has started being more vocal in his leadership roles.  I know that I can count on Axl to be respectful and use his integrity. Others can count on him to stand up and do the right thing, even when the choices are tough.  Axl is responsible and puts forth his best effort in all he does. Congratulations, Axl!  Way to go! 


Isabel McCready is an exemplary student, as she has many qualities that allow her to earn this Trojan PRIDE Award. She is part of the student council and recently has been a part of the student leadership team that works with our school culture and climate. Isabel also demonstrates Trojan PRIDE in the areas of respectful behavior, integrity in words and actions, and dependability. I can always count on Isabel to help on many different tasks in the classroom, from helping a struggling student to leading a small reading group. I am very proud of her growth this year and I know that she will continue to demonstrate these qualities throughout her career at FMS. Congratulations, Isabel!


6th Grade

Josh Mineart is a student who does not shy away from a challenge. He takes difficult tasks and turns them into opportunities to improve his skills. He is helpful, courteous, pleasant, always displays integrity, and gives his best every day. He is every component of Trojan PRIDE - we are so lucky to have Josh at FMS!


The 6th grade staff proudly nominates Lilly Bergren for the Trojan PRIDE Award. Lilly has a positive attitude and is a leader in the classroom for her classmates.  Lilly uses a strong work ethic to go above and beyond in all of her work.  She always has a smile on her face and brightens up a classroom on a daily basis. Congratulations, Lilly!


Luke Konczal has been chosen to receive the Trojan PRIDE award. Luke is always an engaged learner.  He participates in class discussions and works hard on all of his assignments.  This strong work ethic is evident in his academic performances in the classroom.  Luke is respectful to adults and to his peers.  He is a great example of Trojan PRIDE!  Congratulations, Luke!!


Haleigh Strickland has been chosen to receive the Trojan PRIDE award. Haleigh always comes to class with a positive attitude and friendly smile. She is a great leader, and is always willing to lend a hand to help others. Keep up the great work, Haleigh!



7th Grade

The 7th grade team has been honored being Elizabeth Martin’s teacher. Unanimously, amongst the 7th grade team, Elizabeth exhibits respect, dependability, and being prepared. She is respectful to staff and students, along with being to other classmates that are new or that need help. For example, when she notices someone struggling, she’ll quietly intervene to offer help without drawing attention to herself. In addition to being respectful, Elizabeth’s engagement is top-notch, allowing her to be fully engaged in her work. She works extremely hard, asks important clarifying questions, and thinks outside the box to push herself and improve her learning. Congratulations, Elizabeth, on this well-deserved Trojan PRIDE Award!


The 7th grade team’s consensus on adjectives that describe Carson Rubey are success, choices, and positivity. Carson has made great choices all year, which have led him to achieve success. His consistent choices positively impact his education and support the learning environment. He also is respectful and kind, encouraging others to do so as well. Furthermore, Carson is positive about learning and is willing to share his thinking with others in the classroom. Although Carson possesses these characteristics, a fun fact about Carson is that he has a great sense of humor, which makes him a relatable Trojan PRIDE Leader. Congratulations, Carson!   


Julio Velasco-Shondel is a friendly young man who consistently has a smile on his face. His smile is infectious; whether it is greeting people or taking on a challenge, Julio ignites with positivity. Julio is not only positive, but he builds good relationships with the people he is around and who he works with. For example, he works well in any group and is determined to help others succeed. This act of service also increases his chance of success. Julio also is a curious individual and soaks up his learning opportunities. Overall, Julio is a joy to be around. Congrats, Julio!


Mazie Zimmer can be described as a passionate learner; willing to put worth work and effort to ensure she does her very best. Not only is she passionate, but she can be described as a leader. She has grown in her leadership skills throughout the year. For example, she works well with others such as helping them if they are struggling and handles conflict in a positive way. The 7th grade team also values her emotional strength by coming to class with a smile and a kind greeting every day, even when she’s not having a great day herself. In all, Mazie is an example of Trojan PRIDE because she consistently demonstrates respect to those around her and can be counted on to show integrity in all that she does.



8th Grade

Kind.  Responsible.  Dependable.  Reliable.  Many students display these positive traits from time to time, but the field narrows considerably when we look for students who consistently display these qualities.  Our nominee is one of those few.  Always ready with a smile or a helping hand, this young lady has led the way for her classmates as a wonderful role model.  Congratulations to Ana Carmenhato.  We are proud of your accomplishments and steadfast adherence to the tenets of Trojan PRIDE.  Best of luck in high school!


Ellie Stever is a great student who shows Trojan PRIDE in and out of the classroom. She is one that will do anything that is asked of her and will do so with a smile on her face. She is respectful to all staff and students and is willing to help them in any way that she can. Ellie is a positive leader who shows tremendous integrity wherever you see her. The 8th grade team can always count on her to do her work to her greatest potential and to come to class prepared in every way to learn. The team appreciates everything she has done and all she continues to do. Keep up the tremendous work, Ellie!


When it comes to Trojan PRIDE, this young man has set the bar high. In addition to completing and turning in his assignments, he often goes above and beyond expectations. He is respectful to both his peers and his teachers and does a great job listening and working with others. When it comes to integrity, this young man can be counted on to do what is right even when no one is watching. He stays on task and encourages those around him to do the same. His teachers can depend on him to give a great effort in class each and every day. This young man is a quiet leader and does all the small things right which makes him a great role model of Trojan PRIDE for his peers. The 8th-grade team would like to congratulate Jacob Carlson for showing Trojan PRIDE throughout the year! Keep up the great work Jacob!


This young man strives for excellence in his work, both in the classroom and on the field.  He stands up for himself and for others.  He’s consistent, persistent, and dependable.  He participates in activities that both challenge him and bring him joy.  He has a growth mindset and doesn’t let obstacles stop him from achieving his goals.  He’s a master of timing, knowing when to buckle down and be serious but also understanding the appropriate moment for a good joke to lighten the mood.  He’s a wonderful addition to every classroom.  The 8th grade team is proud to honor Bradley Warnell with the Trojan PRIDE Award.