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Fairfield Community School District

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FMS Trojan Pride Winners 1st Semester 2019-2019

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FMS Trojan PRIDE Award

1st Semester 2018-2019


Congratulations to our FMS Trojan PRIDE winners for the first semester!  These students were nominated and selected by their teachers.  Teachers were asked to nominate someone who "demonstrates Trojan PRIDE consistently in and out of the classroom."  Trojan PRIDE is a part of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system at Fairfield Middle School.  PRIDE stands for:


Prepared to learn

Respectful to self and others

Integrity in our actions


Environmentally aware and safe


FMS Trojan PRIDE winners are:


Carsen Eklund was chosen to receive a Trojan PRIDE Award for 1st Semester.  He does a great job following Trojan PRIDE throughout the day in and out of class time.  He always puts his best work into doing his assignments and making sure they are completed on time.  He is a great role model to other classmates daily as he participates in class and works well in groups with other students.  Although Carsen is quiet and shy, he can consistently be a leader because he is always doing what he is supposed to be doing.  Keep up the great job!


Faith Jones has been selected as a Trojan PRIDE winner for 5th grade.  Faith is a great example of Trojan PRIDE because she uses integrity and is a good leader.  She always puts forth her best effort in everything she does.  Faith is a kind and caring person. She is always thinking of others and makes sure everyone is included. She is a pleasure to be around because she genuinely cares about others. Congratulations, Faith!!


When I think of Integrity, Brock Atwood comes to mind. He knows when it is his time to be silly and have fun, and he knows when it is time to listen and learn. I can depend on him to complete his work, ask questions when he needs something, and he always comes to school willing to learn. Even if he's having a bad day, I have never seen it because he displays self-control. It is clear he is in control of how he decides to treat his friends and adults, which is with respect at all times. Brock is a leader, and the choices he is making now in his school career, are only helping him to be successful for the rest of his life. Congratulations, Brock!


Lincoln Kessel shows Trojan PRIDE everyday inside of the classroom and out at recess. I consider Lincoln a role model because he is a person of integrity and has accountability. More importantly, he shows a growth mindset by accepting constructive criticism. Lincoln also does a great job asking questions. It is a pleasure to have Lincoln in this school. Keep staying positive and you will achieve great things, Lincoln.


Nicole Hunger has been selected to receive the 1st semester Trojan PRIDE Award.  Nicole is a true example of Trojan PRIDE.  She is kind to all that she meets.  She gets along with everyone and works well with anyone she gets put in a group with. She is responsible- always getting her work and assignment journal done and turned in on time.  She goes above and beyond on her work, always giving her best.  I can depend on her to show her peers how they should behave even when no one is around to see.  Congratulations, Nicole!  Keep it up! 


Ella Holderbaum has been chosen as this semester's Trojan PRIDE recipient for 6th grade. Ella sets a great example of what Trojan PRIDE is all about. She always comes to class with a positive attitude. Ella is student who others can depend on, strives to do what is right, and encourages others to do the same. Keep up the great work, Ella!


Henry Phillips is a young man who exemplifies Trojan PRIDE on a consistent basis. He is prepared for class each and every day. He shows respect to others by being kind. Henry demonstrates integrity by being honest and fair with those who know him.  He is dependable and contributes to a safe learning environment daily. Henry made the transition from home school to public school look easy. The 6th grade team is proud to name Henry Phillips as a Trojan PRIDE recipient!


Laney Norris has been selected as a Trojan PRIDE winner for 6th grade.  Laney shows her Trojan PRIDE in everything she does.  She is always prepared and ready for every day.  She has a great work ethic and is an enthusiastic learner.   She is ALWAYS willing to help her teachers and classmates.   Laney can always be depended on to do the right thing.  She is an excellent example of Trojan PRIDE!


The 6th grade team is happy to announce that Dimitri Petrimeas has been chosen as a 1st semester Trojan PRIDE winner. Dimitri comes to class prepared to learn every day.  He works well with other students and is nice to everyone.  He takes responsibility for his learning and asks questions if he doesn't understand something.  He gives his best effort every day.  He is a fantastic student, and definitely has earned this Trojan PRIDE award.


The 7th grade team would like to congratulate Carter Moore on being the recipient of the Trojan PRIDE Award. Carter is a person that leads by his core values such as being a gentleman, positive, and prepared. Carter is a gentleman because he is respectful to his classmates and teachers. He is also a positive student (and leader) because he self-advocates and wants to learn. Teachers can truly observe Carter’s thinking process because he is highly verbal with his answers and thinks about his thinking. Not only is Carter positive about his learning, but he can be seen as a coach, patient when helping other group members that are struggling. Way to go, Carter!


The 7th grade team would like to congratulate Manny Ftwi on being the recipient of the Trojan PRIDE award. Manny has a kind soul and a wonderful attitude. For example, his perseverance has helped him continue to advance his skills and knowledge, and it is this type of Trojan PRIDE that will aide him throughout life. In addition, he does not shy away from difficult tasks, asks questions until he understands, and maintains a positive attitude without getting defeated. A leader always learns from their mistakes, and Manny does just that. Overall, Manny positively sets the tone for class and greets everyone with a smile and a wave hello.


The 7th grade team would like to congratulate Carter Stutzman on being the recipient of the Trojan PRIDE award. Carter is a person that is reflective, therefore, he wrote in his Unit 2 Summative Assessment for English, “When I pay attention in class and I got a note from my Reading teacher, it impacted me and taught me that the little things in life go a long way.” Not only does Carter reflect, but he sets goals for himself and works to achieve them. He makes smart decisions that help him be successful. In the end, Carter is kind, generous, has a sense of humor, that lend him to be a student that many people want to be around.


The 7th grade team would like to congratulate Hayden Smith on being the recipient of the Trojan PRIDE Award. Hayden is a very sweet girl who includes everyone. She’s a quiet leader, and when you watch her in class, she’s a perfect example of what to do and how to be. Hayden is also very diligent in her work and will go out of her way to seek out any work she missed while absent and gets it done immediately. To sum up, Hayden is polite and kind to others, takes her studies seriously, and is intrinsically motivated.


When it comes to Trojan PRIDE, Colyier Boese has set the bar high. In addition to completing and turning in his assignments, he often goes above and beyond expectations. He is respectful to both his peers and his teachers and does a great job listening and working with others. When it comes to integrity, this young man can be counted on to do what is right even when no one is watching. He stays on task and even encourages those around him to stay on task. His teachers and peers can depend on him to give a good effort in class each and every day. This young man does the small things right and has shown growth over his years at FMS. The 8th-grade team would like to congratulate Colyier for consistently showing Trojan PRIDE throughout the year!


When we think of Trojan PRIDE we think of students who are hard workers, students who look out for others around them, students who are kind and thoughtful, and students upon whom we can rely (and when I say "we" I mean students, teachers, staff -- everyone).  When we think of these qualities, there is one student who stands out:  Paris Thommen.  We are proud to award this hardworking, thoughtful, kind, reliable and respectful student the award for Trojan PRIDE.  Keep up the good work.  


The 8th grade team would like to congratulate Myles McEntee on receiving the Trojan PRIDE Award. In class, Myles works hard and completes the tasks that are given to him. He is one to make sure that he is not just getting stuff done, but doing it with diligence and care to make sure that he completes the work correctly. He is not afraid to ask for help and is willing to work with others to help them become successful. Myles shows Trojan PRIDE by making sure to show integrity both in and out of the classroom. He even shows great Trojan PRIDE by being environmentally safe and aware by taking time to help the custodians keep the school clean. The eighth-grade team is very proud of Myles’ accomplishments! Keep it up, Myles!


This student is awesome! Nicole Robb constantly exhibits all aspects of Trojan PRIDE. The eighth-grade team can always count on her to be on task, have a great attitude, show respect towards her peers and teachers, and make sure her assignments get turned in and are completed with high quality work. This recipient of Trojan PRIDE has a lot to be proud of. Her passion and interests will allow her to accomplish great things in her future! Keep doing what you're doing and spread that Trojan PRIDE!  Way to go, Nicole!