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Fairfield Community School District



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2017-18 Teacher Leadership and Compensation Updates

In order to better serve Fairfield students and teacher leaders, current TLC teacher leadership revised the TLC structure for the 17-18 school year.  On Monday, May 8th, re-applications and applications for  lab teacher (former coaching) positions will open.  If you are a current coach reapplying for a position, more reapplication requirements will be sent once your formal online application is completed.  Please read about the changes and the new job descriptions! Feel free to provide feedback via this Staff Survey.


Changes to the 2017-18  Fairfield CSD TLC Structure


Changes in the Fairfield TLC grant structure were prompted by the following:
1. excessive teacher absences and lack of substitute teachers
2. full time teachers' lack of opportunity to share best practice and coach with current coaching positions
3. need for a full-release instructional specialist at the secondary level
4. desire to positively impact 25% of all classrooms with lab teachers who are compensated to implement, archive, reflect on, and share best practices

5. **Mentoring stays the same.

6.  Objective: harness teacher expertise and leadership while improving learning and instruction with their students; not planning for substitutes.

Compensation and Requirements:
$7000 Stipend (6000 +FICA/IPERS)
3 release days maximum
80 out of contract hours to be scheduled by specialists and/or building principals; $75/hour
Begins August 21; Ends June 12th annually.

3 years experience in education; at least one in FCSD.
Focuses teacher leadership efforts on implementing ongoing district initiatives with high fidelity and transparency in the classroom
Collaborates with other lab teachers and specialists
Lab Classroom Teacher: peers observe live or video taped, lesson plans shared, evidence of best practices archived and shared
Best Practice:
Models Best Practices: lesson planning, intervention strategies, instruction, differentiation, assessment, etc.
Uses data for decision making
Implements effective classroom management
Provides evidence of effective alignment to Iowa Core: benchmarks, characteristics of effective instruction, and universal constructs
Archives, evaluates, and models best practices in classroom setting.
Coaching will occur on release, PD, or implementation days.
Scores instruction, tasks, and student work using AIW guidelines
Relishes self-reflection and ongoing improvement
Develops and shares deep conceptual understanding of research-based best practices

MTSS Lab Teacher
2 Gr. 6-8 Non Literacy
2 Gr. 9-12

**AIW work will be covered by all MS Lab teachers as an area of emphasis

Utilizes a variety of assessments in the classroom to adjust instruction to meet the needs of all students.
Instruction is based on the standards.
Understands the purpose of learning objectives ('I can' statements), uses formative/summative assessments.
Differentiates lessons based on classroom/building/district data
Believes that all students can learn
Classroom can and will have scheduled observations throughout the year
Collaborate with Specialists and other lab teachers
MS MTSS Lab Teachers will Lead AIW Endeavors as well

AIW Lab Teacher
2 Gr. 9-12

**all lab teachers will collaborate and score instruction using AIW as part of their lab teacher roles.


Designs and implements with AIW framework in mind throughout a course (planning & instruction)
Pinpoints high-scoring authenticity throughout a course (planning & instruction)
Provides students with a multitude of opportunities for HOT, SC, etc. (planning & instruction)
Revises and incorporates feedback from scoring teams back into planning and instruction (planning & instruction)
Memorizes framework/can reference in team meetings/ planning/implementation (AIW learning)
Walks the diamond; learning, facilitation, self-reflection, core beliefs (AIW learning)
Concept-based learning is apparent and thriving (authenticity)
Teaches for understanding / assesses for learning via formative assessment during instruction (authenticity)
Rigor and relevance is apparent through HOTS, CK, VBS, etc. (authenticity)
Seeks out AIW (or other) learning opportunities and relishes self-improvement (mindset)
Exhibits certified AIW Local Coach qualities (mindset)
Collaboration with specialists for professional learning and AIW action planning

Technology Lab

1 Gr. 2-4
2 Gr. 5-8
2 Gr. 9-12

Demonstrate a high level of tech fluency. Easily transfer knowledge to new technologies.
Seek technologies that support or align with strands of Literacy, Iowa Core, AIW, Data and Mentoring.
Maintain and manage a variety of digital tools and resources for teacher and student use in technology-rich learning environments

Use an instructional model that supports the integration of technology, which in turn impacts student learning. Models include SAMR, Blended/Flipped, or Rigor/Relevance.
Operationalize their practice through the district LMS.
Model best practice, while working with teachers and sharing what's worked, what can be adapted, and how to do it.
Model effective classroom management and collaborative learning strategies.
Model implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences that emphasize creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

Design digital age learning experiences and assessments incorporating technology resources that maximize learning standards.

Engage in professional growth and leadership while promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources.
Evaluate and reflect on their professional practice to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology- enhanced learning experiences

- Promote digital citizenship.
- Facilitate safe, healthy, legal, and ethical uses of digital information and technologies.

Literacy Lab w/ MTSS
2 Gr. PK-1
2 Gr. 2-4
2 Gr. 5-6

Implements Wonders series and/or Really Great Reading curriculum with fidelity
Responsive to student performance data with Wonders and/or Really Great Reading curriculum

Establish routines (Explicit Instruction) in the classroom. Teacher is facilitator
I Do: We Do: You Do (gradual release model): is the norm – students own the work!

Sustain proficient students Fall-Winter-Spring
Respond to student data- continual student growth in core material

Professional Growth:
Continuously learn and implement new initiatives within classroom
Model effective instruction and implementation of curriculum within classroom


Compensation and Requirements: $7000 Stipend (6000 +FICA/IPERS) 3 release days 80 out of contract hours to be scheduled by specialists and/or building principals; $75/hour Begins August 21; Ends June 12th