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FMS Announces Trojan PRIDE Mid-Year Awards

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FMS Announces Trojan PRIDE Mid-Year Awards

Each school year, grade level teachers at Fairfield Middle School are asked to nominate students who consistently display Trojan PRIDE in and out of the classroom.  Trojan PRIDE stands for:

Prepared to learn
Respectful to self and others
Integrity in our actions
Environmentally aware and safe

The following students were selected by their teachers and recognized at our Mid-Year Assembly held at FMS on January 27th.  Congratulations, students, and keep up the excellent work!

5th Grade

Cade Campbell brings a real peppy attitude to the classroom. He is a very hard worker and has a great sense of humor. He does a great job contributing to classroom discussions and is a good classroom leader. Cade is always in a good mood and he brightens people's day around him because of this. He is an active member of Drama Club and Student Council and he gives 100% to what he is involved in. Cade shows great PRIDE in being a member of the FMS community.

Briana Steele was chosen to receive a 1st Semester Trojan PRIDE Award.  She is always putting her best effort into her work and trying her hardest.  She is very helpful to other students and wants to be a good role model.  She can be seen showing good Trojan PRIDE in the classroom and trying to help others to show it as well.  Keep being that good role model!

Cooper Polonsky has been selected as a Trojan PRIDE winner for 5th grade.  Cooper shows his Trojan PRIDE in everything he does.  He is always prepared mentally and physically for class.  He puts his best effort into everything he does and it shows in his assignments and tests. He is always willing to help out his classmates and teachers.  I can always depend on Cooper to do the right thing.  He is a great example of what Trojan PRIDE is.  Keep up the great work, Cooper!

Shreya Mallick has been chosen as a Trojan PRIDE winner for 5th grade. Shreya always has a great attitude.  She comes to school with a smile on her face, ready to work.  She tries her best and always wants to learn more.  Shreya is a great example of Trojan PRIDE.  She can be counted on to always do the right thing.  Keep up the great work, Shreya! 

Carley Seeley has been selected to receive the Trojan PRIDE award.  Carley always puts forth her best effort.  She is responsible about getting her work done well and on time.  Carley is always thinking of others and what she can do to help. She is active in several school and community activities.  She is a leader when it comes to showing how we can support others.  Carley is always cheerful and brings a positive attitude into everything she does.  Congratulations, Carley!  Keep up the good work.

6th Grade

The 6th grade staff proudly nominates Olivia Sandbothe for the Trojan PRIDE Award. Olivia always has a smile on her face and is eager to do whatever is asked of her. Olivia is a leader in the classroom and is a fabulous role model for all other students. She brightens up a classroom and takes pride in her class work.  Her positive attitude is infectious!  Way to go, Olivia!

Max Weaton is a great example of what it means to have Trojan PRIDE.  Max takes pride in his schoolwork and shows respect to adults and students at FMS.  The 6th Grade team appreciates his positive attitude and willingness to be a leader in the classroom.  Thank you for your hard work and keep up the good work! Congratulations Max! 

Sara Kretz is a true example of Trojan PRIDE!  Sara is hardworking, responsible, and respectful.  Teachers and students enjoy her positive attitude and willingness to be the best she can be!  It is with great honor to give you this Trojan PRIDE award! Congratulations Sara! 

Bradley Warnell is a wonderful example of what Trojan PRIDE stands for.  He is a great example to all who see him because he shows what honor, respect, and hard work will do for you. He always has a smile on his face and consistently gives his best effort in everything that has been asked of him.  He is a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share it in a positive way that inspires others.  It is with great honor to award this Trojan PRIDE award to you Bradley! Congratulation and GO TROJANS!

7th Grade

​Jazmine Sanchez-Meza: Jazmine is always ready to learn. She has a great deal of integrity in every situation. She is thoughtful and kind and very respectful of others. Jazmine embodies Trojan PRIDE.

Tess Paton: Tess is a very inquisitive person and excellent communication skills. She treats everyone with respect. She has a great work ethic, uses her class time well, and always does her best.

Tyrone Haynes: Tyrone thinks outside the box and asks good, meaningful questions. Giving up is not an option for him. He is always a leader in group work and brings out the best in others.

Connor Lyons: Connor takes the initiative to work outside the class period to make sure his work gets done to the best of his ability. He has great time management. We can always count on Connor to do the right thing. ​

8th Grade

PRIDE students are prepared, responsible, dependable, and show integrity.  While there are many students who fit this description, making it difficult to choose, there are some students who stand out consistently, and this young man is one of them. Brecken Courtright exemplifies every aspect of Trojan PRIDE, day in and day out.  It has almost become a cliche´, but attitude is everything, and Brecken's is always positive.  We are pleased to honor him with this semester's PRIDE award.  Congratulations.

The 8th grade team would like to congratulate Trey Shondel on earning a Trojan PRIDE award!  Trey lives and breathes Trojan PRIDE in his daily actions and words.  He is a conscientious worker who takes pride in producing high quality work.  Trey comes to class with a positive attitude and is prepared and ready to learn each day.  He is respectful and kind to his peers and teachers.  Trey is a quiet leader who leads by example and can always be trusted to do the right thing.  Awesome job Trey! Keep up the great work! 

Congratulations Raisa Fernandes for earning the 8th grade PRIDE award!  Raisa is always prepared in the classroom. She is responsible and comes to class with her assignments completed on time with a positive attitude.  Raisa is respectful to her peers and to the staff.  She is a very considerate and compassionate person who always puts others before herself. Raisa can be found exemplifying Trojan PRIDE in the halls and within the walls of FMS. Way to go Raisa!

The 8th Grade Team is proud to announce the PRIDE award for one of our top students.  This student is a serious, conscientious student, who is a joy to have in class.  Always quick with an answer, or a smile, this student is a quiet leader in and out of the classroom.  Prepared, Respectful, a beacon of Integrity, Dependable, and Environmentally aware, this student can always be found helping other students.  She has won the respect of teachers and classmates alike.  A pleasant attitude and a strong work-ethic will guarantee successful in high school and college.  Congratulations, Clare Else!  We are proud of you.