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Fairfield Community School District



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2019-2020 E-Rate Info

Fairfield Community School District
E-Rate Form 470 for Category 2 Services

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Fairfield Community School District

E-Rate – Category 2 RFP

This information is provided for service providers interested in bidding on equipment to be purchased by FCSD under Category 2 of the Federal E-Rate process.  Any questions that are submitted will be answered on this site, so check back often for updated FAQ’s.



            Fairfield Community Schools seeks to upgrade current wireless access points on our wireless network throughout the district.  This could also include adding access points to the current configuration.  In addition to the upgrade of access points, the district intends to seek bids for the renewal of our access point subscription for existing hardware.


Products / Services Desired:

  • Cloud-based, indoor, wireless access points
    • 50 or more Meraki Access points, model number MR42 or equivalent
  • Renewal of License/Subscriptions
    • 80 or more license renewals for existing district owned equipment (Meraki Access Points and Switches)


Service / Product Guarantee

  • All services and products must be new and carry a manufacturer warranty. 
  • All services and products must be compatible and interoperable with the districts services and products previously described.
  • If equivalent products are proposed, vendor must provide training and support of interoperability and compatibility to district’s current products and services.


Contact Information

  • All quotes must be submitted by email to quotes@fairfieldsfuture.org.
  • Questions may also be directed to quotes@fairfieldsfuture.org.
  • Vendors need to make sure to check this E-Rate Page for updated FAQ’s as they are asked and information is disseminated for all vendors.
  • All quotes must be received by 4:00 PM on Friday, February 15th in order to be considered.


Questions from Vendors


  1. There appear to be two different 470's.  The first requests installation, the second does not.​​​​​​
    • There are two separate 470's.  Form 470 #190013906 is for AP's only and yes, the vendor can/should include pricing for installation.  This is to replace existing access points with an upgraded unit.  The second 470 #190014820 is only for license renewal of district owned devices, so there should not be any installation needed for this 470.
  2. The second RFP mentions 80 renewal licenses meaning you will need 130 in total?
    • Form 470 #190014820 is for 80 or more license renewals.  The total number will be decided when the total number of devices are in place.  This should be considered completely separate from the first 470 #190013906.  The first 470 #190013906 should not include licenses since it will be a 1:1 replacement of existing devices with existing licenses in place.
  3. How long of a license are you looking for?
    • As stated in the 470 #190014820, "The district will need to renew licenses for 80 or more pieces of equipment for up to 5 years."
  4. What is your switch count and specific models?
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MS220-24P    ~9
    • MS220-48LP  ~4
    • MS220-8P      ~5
    • MS225-24P    ~3
    • MS225-48LP  ~7
    • MS250-48LP  ~3
    • MS350-24P    ~1
    • MS350-48LP  ~3
    • MX400            ~1 (Corrected Model Number 1/29/19)