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Fairfield Community School District

Washington Elementary


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Under the Microscope

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Students in fourth grade at Washington are learning what living things are made of in Science.   4th graders have been learning about cells and how they  are the smallest unit of a living thing that can perform all life processes.  They have learned how every living thing is made up of billions, even trillions of cells.  In a directed inquiry activity,  students were able to observe cells close-up using microscopes.   Students used a very thin layer of an onion to observe how cells look under a microscope.

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Students were asked to draw their onion cell before seeing it under the microscope.  They were asked to describe what it looked like in their journal.  Students were then able to put their onion under the microscope and view it.  They then had to draw what they saw and describe it in written form.  Students then used a more powerful microscope to go even closer and really see the individual cells.

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Students were excited to see these living cells up close and are starting to realize just how many cells make up all living things.  Students will continue to learn about classification and how living things are grouped together in the next few weeks.